How to Motivate Your Child for Student Success

Speaker(s): Academic Networks, Christina Callaway

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Included lessons: 8
Level։ intermediate

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Healthy Ways to Motivate Your Child for Student Success

In this coaching and course program, 

  1. We will learn the process of motivating your child for success in and out of the classroom.
  2. We will challenge the ideas of Student Success norms, and how they are harmful to long-term success. 
  3. Then, we will explore practical tips you can include every day, no matter your academic scenario.

What is Included in this Parent's Guide to Student Success Course? 


  • 8 Weekly Live Group Coaching Lessons
  • Recordings Available 
  • Q&A Community
  • Real World Case Studies for practical application
  • Step-by-Step Weekly Assignments
  • 30-minute Bi-weekly follow-ups with your private coach
  • 12 Months of support in your “Distraction Free” Digital Office
  • Discreet Profile Aliases/Avatars for personal or company confidentiality

What you'll learn

One of the best ways to drive your student to a lifetime of success is by finding out what engages them.  We will give you amazing tools to connect and empower them to achieve their greatest heights.  

Currently, personalized engagement is your most potent weapon for generating a high-powered student success program and maximizing opportunities. Furthermore, statistics show that more than 70% of students tend to learn, retain, and use information when it is presented in a way that activates their interest. 

This Parent Support program will help you dive deep into this topic, and understand how to motivate your child to pursue a healthy, age and ability-appropriate level of success. 

Included lessons


Academic Networks

Christina Callaway

Christina Callaway has served as a success coach to parents, business owners, and educators.  She believes in the life-changing transformation that healthy academic networks can bring to any family, community, and country.   Using her education, experience, and empathy, Chris believes everyone has “genius” to share, but many are held back due to a lack of strong mentorships.