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Mentorship Matters

From now on, mentorship is an inevitable part of our academic and career success. In this always-on digital world, Academic Networks is here to change the quality, opportunities, and role of K-12 academic resources for non-traditional families. #giftedandtalented #homeschool #diversitylearners 

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Under the motto “Engage, Educate, Empower", Academic Networks has gathered a strong and purposeful partnerships. Each of them is an expert in their field who like to face and overcome challenges: professors, mentors, business leaders, and parenting specialists. This networks focuses on offering an opportunity to have a student success program that does not leave parent or student feeling burned out.

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More people are becoming aware of the value of mentorship. Reason? There are many of them. First of all, you save time. Mentors can give best practices because they have made the mistakes and want to keep others from doing the same. The second reason - it improves financial outlook.  Pew Research show that mentorship is a key factor in higher salaries.  Therefore, mentorships focused on student success are great solutions for the #FutureOfEducation.

No matter you are an individual who decided to start a business, a school teacher, or a representative of an already established business. We care for every Academic Networks member.

E-learning requires approaches different from the regular ones. Here the most important point is to establish a strong connection between mentor and scholar, even despite the distance. Academic Networks breaks all the barriers, bringing all the skills, resources, and talents in one place.

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