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Parenting your child into a successful adulthood takes a village.
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We Know Your Parenting Challenges

As a parent, you want what is best for your child and their future. You have always encouraged them to be the best they can be and have tried to help them whenever possible, but there are only so many hours in the day. 

You know that in order to get into a good college and succeed in life, they will need valuable experiences, strong mentors, and academic achievement...BUT... 

While there are lots of test prep and college planning programs for scholars, not many are geared toward proactive parent engagement, networking, and mentorship.  

 Where do you find the time to support your child while you take care of your daily obligations and personal wellbeing? 

Parent Academic Network Support

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Video Courses

Save time with our professionally researched and developed video courses. They help you simplify and successfully develop your scholar's academic roadmap.

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Coaching and Mentorship

Ramp up your scholarship search, homeschool academy, or college planning journey. Gain access to money saving practices and pre-college mentorship opportunities.

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Live Lessons

Cut through the academic clutter and engage with our community through live lessons and Bonus "Done-for-You" Networking Offers.  Access is available to all membership levels.   

Meet Our Most Valuable Partners


Andrew Theon

Scholar Support and 

Test Prep


Christina Callaway

Homeschool Coach and College Planning Specialist


Everett Rogers

Athletic and 

Academic Mentor

Our Parent-Scholar Teams



We have just completed 3 out of a 6 month private homeschool coaching program, which gave us a peaceful purpose and clear direction about which pre-college programs are right for my homeschool style.  I can confidently say that we have a supercharged network to academic success!



At first, I was hesitant to think about college planning in middle school- I thought that was for helicopter parents!  Now I realize that planning early with talent identification, networking, mentors, etc....puts our scholar- and finances- at a great advantage. Now, I recommend it to everyone!  



This is the BEST network I have ever joined. I learned parenting skills that helped me accelerate my gifted child's academics without overwhelming her- or me.  If you are even thinking about this, just start. The longer you wait, the more opportunities you will miss!

Parent and Scholar Success Begins Here!